Irving Elementary School

Our year is over, it has been a great year of learning and fun with our Irving students, families, and staff.....Thank you all for the great year we have had.....Have a safe and restful summer, we are looking forward to the coming school year with great anticipation. *****Remember, USD 465 Summer Feeding Program begins soon, we'd love to see you around the table this summer!

Kids of Character

Irving 5th Grade Kids of Character Program:


5th grade students at Irving Elementary School will be participating in a program during second semester which will focus on building strong character by focusing on specific skills.  One of the focal points of the program will be the idea of “Dressing for Success”.  Students will be required to dress up twice a month during the Kids of Character Meetings.  Boys will be expected to wear dress shirts, dress pants, and ties.  Girls will be expected to wear dresses or dress shirts and pants.  The school may be able to help provide dress clothes for students who may need assistance.


We will have a guest speaker at each meeting to focus on specific skills necessary for life-long success.  Each meeting will take place during the lunch hour and we will serve a special lunch for our kids and guest speakers.  Some of the possible discussion topics will be: Manners, goal setting, respecting others, honesty/integrity, perseverance, anti-bullying, kindness, values (standing up for what you believe in), health/wellness, sportsmanship, attendance (the importance of being on time), and the importance of college/post-secondary training.  Please contact the school if you have any questions.  Our first meeting will be Thursday, Jan. 26th.



Jeff Everett

Irving Principal